Our Honeymoon Road Trip (Day 5 Nashville, TN)


On the fifth day of our trip, we drove from North Carolina to Nashville, Tennessee. I think it was my favorite city that we’ve visited so far on this trip. Everyone we talked to was really nice and no one honked at us, even if we were accidentally in a turn only lane and then had to get over into a regular lane. How peculiar.

We drove through the Great Smoky Mountains on our way out of Asheville, and there was a crazy amount of traffic, but a lot of beautiful views to make up for it.


In this picture, you can see why they’re called the Smoky Mountains. The clouds roll over the mountains like smoke. It’s not the kind of view you can really capture in a photograph, a frustration we’re experiencing many times on this trip.


The least frustrating traffic along this drive was when all the cars stopped to see these roaming elk up close. Apparently they have been reintroduced into the area in recent years. They seemed completely unfazed by the noise of the cars and the people.


In Nashville, we of course had to go see some bluegrass music. We went to The Station Inn which was a great experience. The place was totally packed with really friendly people. It seemed like the kind of place where locals go, but the people sitting near us were all visiting from other states. The opener was a band from Boston called Mile Twelve and they were incredibly talented. None of the band members were actually from the South, but you wouldn’t know that by listening to their mean banjo solos.


The main performer of the night was Tim O’Brien and his band. They were really great too. As I write this post, we’re in Santa Fe (stay tuned for future blog posts) and coincidentally, we saw a sign that Tim O’Brien is playing here tonight. We’re pretty sure he’s following us.

Nashville was a great city, maybe Sean and my favorite so far. Who knows? Maybe we’ll live there one day. I’m sure Tim O’Brien would be there, right behind us.


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