Our Honeymoon Road Trip (Day 4 Asheville, NC)


The fourth day of our trip was mostly driving. We drove through all of Virginia and a bit of Tennessee before arriving in North Carolina. It was about eight hours of driving, so it was a relief when we found this beautiful lookout point along the way to take a break.


North Carolina, in my limited experience, seems to be very green, every way you turn. After our time in NYC, it was like a breath of fresh air. Literally.


Thirty seconds after this photo was taken, Sean fell backwards off a 2,000 foot cliff into a beautiful and lush valley.

Just kidding.


Somewhere in southern Virginia, we got caught behind a tractor. It was quite the culture shock to a couple of New Englanders.

On our usual search for vegan friendly restaurants, we found a cool spot in downtown Asheville called the Laughing Seed CafΓ© whichΒ we liked a lot. The downtown area reminded me of Providence a little bit, or at least of RISD, swarming with exuberant and artsy young adults with their hair dyed unnatural colors. It was fun, and you could hear live music being played from pretty much anywhere.


I got a harmony bowl with tempeh which I loved, and Sean got some sort of barbecue tofu roll ups with a pineapple and basil cocktail. We would go back there again, if it weren’t for the incredibly inconvenient location given that we’re moving to California.

We spent the night in a woodsy Airbnb and the weather was cooler than anywhere else we’d been on the trip. It wasn’t an eventful day, but it was certainly pretty.


Until next time,





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